Sam Dodson

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John Sam Doe
c/o Cheshire County Department of Corrections (or CCDOC)
160 River Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467
(603) 399-7794

Click here to send Sam a letter, or click here to send him a postcard. At this point Sam is not cooperating with the jailers, so it is likely they will not deliver the letters to Sam, but it is important that the jailers know they are being watched, so please send letters anyway! Also, it is likely that the jailers will give Sam the letters when they release him.

Update: Sam wrote me from jail, thanking everyone for their letters, and asked that I transcribe his letter and share it with everyone who wrote him. You can view it here.

Note: We have sent over 50 letters and 15 postcards to Sam so far. That's fantastic! I don't think he considers being alone among his problems at the moment, but please don't stop sending him letters. As long as he is in jail, it is a good idea to continue letting the jailers know that we're not forgetting about Sam, that we are watching them and making sure they treat him well.