If you have suggestions to make Mail-to-Jail better, please let us know! Submit a comment below, or send us an email.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to correspond with New Hampshire freedom activists that have been imprisoned. When isolated in jail, physically and mentally threatened and abused, a person might tend to lose hope and strength, and might be tempted to give in to the system they were trying to fight. A letter from an appreciative friend or supporter might bring light to them during their dark days in jail, and a bunch of letters might actually make the time easier to endure, since they'll know they are making a difference.

So any suggestions you have that can make it easier or more enticing for people to send letters to jailed freedom activists will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!.

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Just wanted to say thanks

Just wanted to say thanks for creating this site, otherwise I wouldn't have had the time to mail Sam. Take care.

You're welcome. THank you for

You're welcome. THank you for writing to Sam - I'm confident that he appreciates it even more than I do. I'm glad that Mail-to-Jail made it easy enough to entice you to write. That's the intent. :)

Make This Service Nationwide

I would love to see Mail-To-Jail become a nationwide service, available for jailed activists in every state. What a great way to focus attention on those jailed for exercising their civil liberties!

Good idea, but...

It's a great idea. I'd love to, but as Mail-to-Jail is funded by me, I'm going to focus on my local geographical area so I can more directly experience the effects it will have. The New Hampshire freedom activists who get jailed are most likely going to be my friends (or me!), or at least people I have met.

If this becomes really popular, or if people donate regularly and enough, I'll be glad to expand Mail-to-Jail to a nationwide service. Thanks for the suggestion.

Reason to write

Sometimes (and don't faint over this) jails mistreat prisoners. The more attention the prisoner is getting, the less likely he/she is to be maltreated (I mean above and beyond locking them up). Keep the prisoners in the public eye...don't let them be forgotten. When the screws know that bunches of people are watching what happens to the prisoner, they're more careful. Phone calls and letters are the easiest way to make sure that happens.